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Welcome to my (mis)adventures in Computing, Linux and Open Source Technologies.

About Me

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My name is Keith Patton (moniker: KP, kaipee). I am a technology hobbyist and avid user of Linux and Open Source technologies.
I currently work as a DevOps Engineer for Camlin Technologies Ltd.

My GitHub page :

About this website

This site shall mainly be used as a space for me to record any findings, so that they can be referenced at a later date. Content of this type is located under the /var/log section. Any content that has been referenced and amended to my own liking will include sources at the bottom of the article.

Occasionally I may also post unstructured brain-dumps, theories and potential nonsense to the /dev/random section of this site.

This website is currently: hosted on DigitalOcean; built on Drupal 8 using custom modules; with a modified Zymphonies 'Startup' Drupal theme.