Refresh openWRT system log to view all network info

Clear the log /etc/init.d/log restart   Restart the network service network restart

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Published : 08 July 2020

Rebuilding perl packages for Arch Linux

If you receive a warning message like the following WARNING: '/usr/lib/perl5/5.30' contains data from at least 1…

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Published : 04 July 2020

OpenSource Contributions

Date Project Type URL Feb 2012 WUSB600Nv2 wireless adaptor Guidance https://…

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Published : 13 May 2020

Wildcard Let's Encrypt with Cloudflare DNS

Using Cloudflare API Token requires version 2.3.1 of the python module cloudflare. [Note : Ubuntu / Debian packages…

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Published : 10 April 2020

Enable a lightweight Mail Transfer Agent on Linux to send emails through ZOHO

Install the lightweight packages msmtp and msmtp-mta (which will map to sendmail) to allow for sending email.…

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Published : 11 February 2020

Secure SSH and SFTP behind a bastion with 2FA

To protect access to a system or network from the outside world, SSH authentication can be accompanied by 2FA by using…

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Published : 10 February 2020

Configure make to use parallel compilation on Arch Linux

Speed up compilation (AUR packages, etc) on Arch Linux by tweaking make to use all the cores on your device. /etc/…

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Published : 31 January 2020

Install Deluge headless with Web UI on Ubuntu 18.04

Add the stable PPA sudo add-apt-repository -u ppa:deluge-team/stable sudo apt update Create a service account for…

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Published : 10 January 2020

Launch a separate 'backup' thunderbird instance offline

To store and access a completely separate 'backed up' Thunderbird profile under Linux we can simply move the old…

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Published : 31 October 2019