Auto-renew Let's Encrypt Wildcard certificate

Requirements Certbot 0.22.0 or greater Verify using DNS plugin Aut using Let’s Encrypt’s new ACMEv2 server…

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Published : 01 January 2019

Adventures in homelabbing - Part 1

I have recently taken it upon myself to construct a reasonably (probably unreasonable to most...) small homelab to…

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Published : 26 December 2018

Restore a user deleted from Active Directory

A user account somehow is deleted from Active Directory. Accounts can usually be recovered within the…

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Published : 17 December 2018

How to prepend a custom DNS server address to the beginning of /etc/resolv.conf

Modify /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf and add the following line prepend domain-name-servers {NAME_SERVER_IP}; Restart the…

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Published : 12 December 2018

mount error(95): Operation not supported when mounting CIFS shares in Linux

Mounting a CIFS share using Linux may result in the following error mount error(95): Operation not supported This…

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Published : 06 December 2018

How to add an additional disk to an existing Proxmox LVM node

Insert disk Identify new disk lsblk Partition new disk (using /dev/sdb as example) gdisk /dev/sdb # print…

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Published : 04 December 2018

Run Windows MMC (or MSC) as a different user

How to run Windows MMC (or MSC) modules as a different user. C:\Windows\System32\runas.exe /user:domain\user /…

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Published : 29 November 2018

Update ADMX Policy Definitions on Zentyal (Samba 4)

Download all ADMX definitions from :…

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Published : 28 November 2018

Dark mode for Slack on Linux

Modify the file ssb-interop.js file to include the following at the end of the file: document.addEventListener('…

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Published : 25 November 2018